Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting (Propane) gassed in Mexico Part 2

Well our gas adventures continue, and I don't mean just from the refried beans. We had this great idea to bring our little gas bbq with us so we could bbq up some delicious shrimp, chicken steaks - um, um, um.

But things don't always run smoothly. Got here and went looking for a tank. Was sent to a local hardware store where we had to but wire mesh to cover the grated main door to the house to keep Abi in and saw 20 lb gas tanks just sitting there. Shiny and new just waiting for this gringo. BUT they were empty and they don't fill them, was told I had to go out of town for propane, a local law!!!

Went to a local expats meeting and was told no; Home Depot sells them - EUREKA!! Went to HD and bought a tank but empty, they don't sell filled ones. Suggested a local Gaspasa station a few miles from their store so away we go. Found the store EUREKA - but hold, on no adaptor to fill the tank.

Back online to the local expats and one replied the same thing happened to him and he went back to Gaspasa three times. OK so next day loaded up the dog and away we go. Same Gaspasa store and same guy we saw two days earlier and EUREKA now he found the adaptor.

First though the tank needs to be vented?? So another Gaspasa guy comes along and with a set of car keys undoes the inside pressure valve, dumps everything out and puts the adaptor and pump together on the tank and starts filling it. EUREKA we will have gas. Sandie and I are watching all this from a distance as we are waiting for a Hollywood type explosion at any time and want to be well clear for the blast zone.

But nothing happened; went home with our full tank very pleased with ourselves, fired it up and bbqd some chicken - EUREKA our first success.

Not so fast; the gas gods decided. Just as the chicken was finished flames started to shoot out of the tank connection, turned it off with a set of tongs had another cerveza and another and went to bed.

Next day realized the inside pressure valve wasn't tightened enough with a set of car keys so took a few tools I had, finished tightening everything and now we have gas - for real.

BBQ shrimp, Mexican rice, home made guacomole, and lots of cerveza and limes tonight - you're all invited. We'll dine under the stars about 7:00.

Bring a fire extinguisher just in case. There will be insurance forms for you to sign at the door as we are not lible for uncontrollable gas explosions while you are in our Casita.

Adios for now from Mazatlan.


  1. LOL... ahhh you are cracking me up Sandia. I'm going to enjoy reading your posts over the next few months. Have a cerveza for me please!!


  2. well it is about time I found your blog..It really sounds like the Mexico I know.. am sure there will be many of these adventures ahead of you.. wish that I had written in a journal, because there had to be a novel there somewhere.. Keep up the installments guys..Barb

  3. Hi Mike,Sandie and Abby
    So happy to hear you are safe in your house in Mazatlan I was so sure you would meet a murderer and was so stressed about the whole trip in the car. Thank God your there!!!! But wait you are now stressing me again with this gas bbq and gas tank on the roof ah......Here in Ontario practically every day there are violent stories on the news about cdns in Mexico and they aren't good so you can see why I worry. I know this emotion is useless so I will yell at Gary instead.Love to all from St. Thomas.