Wednesday, March 18, 2009

|Getting Gassed in Mazatlan PART 1

Well, settling into a 100 year old house is a bit of adventure!
Episode 1 of the 'getting gassed in Mazatlan story'

We need gas to operate the cook top and heat the water. Problem is, we have no idea how much gas is left in the tank, or where the tank is. Luckily neighbour Elizabeth told us the tank was on the roof. Step 1 handled. The gas company (Gaspasa) have trucks driving around the city, but we couldn't find one in our area, so Elizabeth came to our rescue again and called them for us. Elizabeth by the way speaks as much English as we do Spanish. It was amazing - the truck was at the house within about 10 minutes (can you imagine that in Canada) and then the fun started. To fill the tank, a hose (about 150 feet of it) was dragged through the house, and then one of the gas men (the younger, braver one) was boosted up to the top of the 8 foot patio wall. Once he has his balance (!) he makes his way to the roof top. The hose was passed to him and the tank was filled. At this point we enlisted the help of E's daughter, Paulina to translate. The tank was almost empty so we had it filled for 500 pesos (about 42.00) which will last us for 3 months. We hope. If not, we stop cooking and bath in cold water.
Next installment - getting gassed part 2, or, filling the propane tank for the gas barbeque and a few more pictures.

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