Monday, March 30, 2009


I love flowers, as everyone knows. The house just didn't seem like home without them, so we went searching a few days ago. We had asked around, and were told about the "Flower Market" which really is fascinating. The arrangements are colourful, intricate and huge. Much to big and ornate for our little house, but lovely. I did buy a small bundle, but gave them away as a Thank You to Maria, yet another nice local that has helped us with the gas and water problems we had.

However, still no flowers for the house. We then had to make our almost daily trip to the Central Market to pick up veggies for dinner, and stumbled across a flower vendor. Success! The flowers are really pretty, and my plan is to continue to buy from the same stand. They were only 35 pesos, but I'm hoping for lower by the time we have to go home.

Today is yet another perfect day weather wise, so we've decided to spend the afternoon at one of the local beaches

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