Saturday, December 4, 2010


This year is 12th year of the Mazatlan Marathon, and in true Mexican fashion, the event was marked by a huge fireworks display along the Malecon. There were approximately 12 stations set up along the beach and the display was truly stellar.

We joined a group of friends for dinner at Loco Lupes, one of our favourite beach Palapas and then moved down to the sand to watch the show. It was spectacular, perhaps even more so because they were straight above us!

I would love to say that I took these photographs, but I'll be honest, I didn't! I did try, but photographing fireworks is just way too difficult. I did get some lovely shots of the smoke and actually managed to capture the odd shot where you could see colour way down in the corner, but generally speaking, my pictures were not wildly successful this time.

See what I mean? However, the internet is a wonderful thing. These were not our fireworks, but they looked just like this.

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