Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Growing" Things

It amazes me how quickly plants grow in Mexico.

Our terrace is so large that we have lots of space for plant life and I've been busy raiding the neighbours' gardens. There are many nurseries in town and plants stands are set up everywhere, but sometimes it just more fun to see what happens when you stick something in a glass of water for a few weeks.

I have no idea what the green plant is called, but these cuttings have been in water for less than 2 weeks and already have a substantial root system. I'll let them swim a bit longer before finding a pot for them, but so far, they look quite healthy.

The Coleus was acquired yesterday. It's not drooping yet - there might be hope for this bunch as well. Of course, if all else fails, they do look rather nice in the vase.

Our favourite plant of all is the 'stick tree'. There is another name, of course, very Latin, but I can neither spell nor pronounce it, so we just call it 'stick tree'. This one is very easy to transplant - cut it from the 'mother' tree and "stick" it into the dirt. No water, no nothing. However, the sap drips furiously and apparently can be poisonous (!!!?????) so I was very careful. I doubt very much that a drop of sap would affect a human adult, but then again ....

So, all is growing well in my garden, except for what is supposed to turn into our Avacado Tree. Children in school can make these things grow, but I, apparently, can not.

We'll give it another month and see what happens, but I'm not counting on harvesting any time soon.


  1. That green plant looks like one I have here called aloe vera its good to put on a burn so lots of people in ontario keep them in the kitchen. Your stick plant is so funny maybe you could hang a Christmas ball on it and have your very own Charlie Brown tree or stick if you like.

  2. Love the idea for the Christmas tree. At the rate things grow here, we might actually be able to do that next year.

    By the way, we have given up on the darned avacado 'tree'!!!