Sunday, November 21, 2010

Abi's Day at the Spa

The household humans said that I was starting to look a bit rough around the edges and decided that it was high time I had my hair cut. I thought I looked perfectly okay, but apparently I was starting to resemble a sheep dog and they insisted it was time for the big chop.

I really hate getting my hair cut. I don't like being left behind at the groomers, and I really detest that razor thing. I mean, really, I'm a blonde, my hair is curly, I'm really skinny, I do not look my best when I've been shaved bald!

So, Mum and Dad made some phone calls when we arrived here in Mazatlan, and one of Mum's friends recommended a really really nice lady, who came right into our house to give me a hair cut. I was still a little nervous about the whole thing but it worked out really well. She even let me sit on Mum's lap for part of it (I just hate getting my feet and tummy done and I got a bit fidgety for that part).

I had a bath too and then the nice lady and I sat on the floor while she fluffed me up with the hair dryer. Now, normally I would rather hang out with a chihuahua than have someone come near me with a dryer but this wasn't bad at all. In fact, I sort of enjoyed it! I was exhausted after the whole experience though, and had to have a bit of a siesta to recuperate.

Mum and Dad and their friends refer to my groomer as the "Dog Whisperer". I don't get it, but I sure do like her!

By the way, hope I didn't offend anyone there. I just don't care for chihuahuas. They yap at me and just get me all flustered. Give me a Great Dane any day!


  1. Abi you look beautiful!Your new hair cut is awesome.How terrific to have a spa treatment at home.We watch the dog whisperer all the time it's an amazing show.Do you have a tv in Mexico? I like your friend the great Dane. He isn't however as cute as you.Say Hi to Mom and Dad and tell them to keep the pampering up one can never get enough.I know this is true because a couple of my cat fiends told me so.

  2. I have been using Marthita for a while now; a super groomer and so nice to have it done at the house. Poor woman, at MY house she often has three or four to do at one time. Oh, and my newest addition, Cha-cha..I don't knows how to bark. '-)I never thought I would add a chihuahua to our mix, but I'm in love.