Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Mike and I were not going to exchange presents for Christmas this year as there is nothing that we really wanted, or needed. Well, to be honest, there is nothing that we needed, but there is always something to want and so at the last minute we changed our minds.

It all started with a visit to Casa Antiqua, a wonderful shop here in Centro. The store is closing and they were having a 50% off sale. We stopped in for a browse, saw these vases, and voila, there was what was to be part of Mike's present.

I had already decided that what I really yearned for was one of the Day of The Dead ladies, so the next day while Mike was golfing, I headed to Michael's to pick one out. Some people think these things are grotesque, but I love them.

The day before Christmas I changed my mind about Mike's gift and realized that what Mike really should have was a round of golf at Estrella del Mar, one of the premier courses in the city.

He usually golfs at Compestre, the publicly owned course, but he and his golf buddies have often talked of playing a round at Estrella del Mar. A round of golf at this course is usually around $100.00, just a bit pricy, however, they have a special on right now for $45.00, which is quite reasonable, given the quality of the course. So, after a quick chat with one of 'the boys' about booking a tee off time, I printed up a certificate and presented Mike with his golf game.

So, a few days after Christmas, he set out with his clubs, and the camera.

Oh, and the vases are now considered a gift from Santa, to both of us!


  1. Hey Mike Gary is going to cry in envy when he sees your golf course pics.What a terrific present from Sandie.How did your game go?
    I gave Gary a Tassimo Coffee maker. He just loves it; all holidays he has been making single cups of Java,exotic and regular ,special teas and awesome cocoa.He is consumed with his new gaget and guess who is reaping the benefits?

  2. Happy New Year Sandie and Mike. Deb and I just set ourselves up to follow your Blog. We really enjoy following along.

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