Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sundays at Lety's, Stone Island

Sometimes it is just too easy to get side tracked.

We seem to have developed rather busy lives and the beach days, for awhile, just were not happening. I volunteer at the Library every Monday, and Mike meets with the 'boys', searching out yet another great Cantina for lunch. Mike usually golfs on Tuesdays, my day to wander with the camera, shop the mercada for whatever looks appealing, or to get together with friends. Tuesday is often 'blog' day as well. Wednesday is Beans and Beer. Mike will tell you about Beans and Beer, soon. The men have been meeting for over 40 years (no, Mike has not been there for all 40!), they drink beer, they eat beans, they stop to visit the Shrimp Ladies and then go somewhere else to eat the shrimp. I don't plan anything at all on Wednesday evenings and also didn't feel badly at all that women are not included! Trust me on this one!!

Yes, we do have the other 4 days of the week. However, it is just like life at home - we do the grocery shopping, the laundry, we plan meals, sometimes we even wash floors! And, of course, there are the friends .... which means getting together for dinner, or drinks, or just to be there for each other when needed. Life seems to be filled to the brim these days but we realized that we were missing something.

Which brings us to the beach, the all important beach. We really lost track of this last year, and were starting to fall into the same bad habits again this year. We have come to realize that, as much as we do try to live normal lives in Mazatlan, live here is not normal. This means that it is perfectly acceptable behavious to take a day off and do just nothing except go to the beach and realize just how lucky you are.

We are now doing just that. Every Sunday we head over to Lety's, on Stone Island, where we spend an absolutely delightful day, doing as little as possible.

Stone Island is actually a peninsula, but it is virtually inaccessable by road, and the easiest access is by pangas. Cost? 20 pesos each, both ways - less than $2.00. There are plans in the works to build a development on the 'island' but care is being taken to perserve what makes this such a special place - nothing will replace the small village, the turtle sanctuary, or what has to be the most beautiful stretch of beach we have ever seen.

It can smell just a bit 'fishy' at times as we walk to the pangas, but I seem to have a thing for fishing boats, and have also learned to rather like the 'aromas', perhaps because I now realize just how delicious the fish is!

I rather like the birds as well.

Our favourite spot on Stone Island is Lety's. Lety's Restaurant has been a favourite among the expat community for years and we were all heartbroken when Lety, the matriarch, passed away suddenly last year. Her family have all worked to improve the restaurant and to develop it as Lety would have wished and it has remained a special retreat for all of us. This is not your average 'restaurant' however .... we arrive early in the morning, settle onto a lounge chair under one of the palapas on the beach ... and there we stay, all day!

We play dominos, splash in the ocean, have a truly wonderful lunch, and sometime eat oysters (that would be Mike, not me!).

Lety's is a restaurant, but the 'family' always make us feel welcome, and at home.

I'm going to be honest here .... sometimes we go twice a week! Like I said, we live in Mazatlan, and it's okay to goof off once in awhile.


  1. Okay now I'm really jealous! Retirement must be nice especially when you can go to stone island and just veg out all day.It sure beats working for a living.Wish I was there too.

  2. Retirement really is lovely. We still have to do the household chores but it is so much more fun doing them here. And yes, the days at the beach are extremely theraputic.

    Larry, thank you so much for your comment. I am definitely not the most professional photographer in town, but I do love sharing my efforts. This is such a beautiful spot it is hard to not capture what is often the perfect image.