Sunday, February 14, 2010


We're well into Carnaval now. We were a little surprised on Friday evening when we wandered down to the Malecon to check things out - there were not as many people as we expected and everything seemed a little low key. In retrospect we realize that things were happening in other parts of the city, and we were a bit early for the Malecon. Nothing starts til much later - and then the party continues til 3:30 a.m.

However, Saturday night was a different story. We set out around 8 p.m., picked up friends on the way, and headed over to Lookout Hill to watch the fireworks. The house was packed, and we know why! The view was magnificent, one of the best places in the city to watch the fireworks. We've decided that hosting the annual fire works party should become part of the rental agreement!!

The show is called 'Combate Naval' and the ship to shore battle fought in fireworks commemorates the Battle of Mazatlan, fought in 1864, when a small local force repelled troops from the invading French warship. The fireworks display was astounding. It started around 11 p.m., and ran for a least 45 minutes. It was breathtaking. It's difficult to take pictures at night, and the ones we did take really don't do justice to the display. This short mini-movie turned out rather well, however. Just hit the arrow on the left-hand side, sit back and enjoy. We certainly did. We noticed that the fire works shot from the ship were not nearly as large, or as dramatic, as those that came from the shore!

The four of us headed back to 'our hill' after the show was over, but decided to walk along Olas Altas to check things out. The streets were thronged with people, the bandstands were all pounding out music, and there were vendors everywhere.

It's amazing how enterprising the people are right now - homes along the side streets have t-shirts for sale hanging in the windows and garages have been turned into restaurants.

Our favourite spot by far was the garage with 3 porta-potties!!


  1. WOW is right. Looks like a fun time. I loved the video.

  2. Great post about a great night. I love the crowd pictures, they really capture the way it felt.

    One last night tonight and then a big exhale!