Monday, February 22, 2010

Around Town

I'm trying to remember to always bring the camera with me, everywhere we go. It's so frustrating when I forget it, because there is always something happening.

Restoration work on some of our grand old ruins is continuing. Work has started on this building, built in 1870! If you look closely you can see the open sky through the upper windows, and the trees growing in the interior.

Sometimes, however, rules are broken, and the work is halted.

As we were heading to the market , hoping for inspiration for dinner, we passed through the Plaza Revolucion, in front of the Cathedral. There are dozens of shoe shine stands around the Plaza, but it was a hot day, business was slow ....

It was a really warm day, and as we passed through the Plazuela Machado, we noticed a few of the vendors who were in town for Carnaval taking a break as well.

We decided to pass on the chicken feet for dinner. I'll eat just about anything, but chicken feet? I think not.

We picked up shrimp instead.

You just can't go wrong with shrimp!

When we get home, I'm going to shop for a new camera, a really small one that will fit into a pocket.

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  1. I have always wondered about the chicekn feet. I would really like to know how to prepare and eat them.