Thursday, February 11, 2010

Street Games

Our Casita is on Ice Box Hill and the streets are steep. Mike and I are getting used to the climb, but our friends are usually quite tuckered out by the time they reach our front door. The steepness of the streets is also a challenge for the local children at times. Playing baseball or soccer is an art - miss that ball on a downhill throw or kick and you have to run a long way to catch it!

We were amazed a few nights ago when we came across this bunch.

There were sitting on an assortment of items - a lid from a paint can and a flattened 2 litre Coke bottle to name a few! After much jockeying for position they were off, careening down the street at full speed, roaring with laughter.

This picture is rather blurry, but I have to use it anyway. She was so cute, and had absolutely no fear. Guess it's all about keeping up with your big brother!

I have no idea how they survived, or what their mothers said to them when they got home!


  1. Sandie, This kills me! Leave it to kids to be inventive in ways to have fun.

    Kinda reminds me of high school when we would hang on to the back bumper of someone's car in the snow so we could skid along. I shudder to think of it now!

  2. how cute. In the summer they could use blocks of ice. It would keep them cool and might be fun to boot.

  3. Today when we were walking home we saw kids playing hopscotch! Much safer. It does make me wonder though (here I go again) - we played it in Canada as children, I'm sure children in the U.S. know the game, it's in Mexico ... so, do children in China hopscotch? I've been there but didn't look - darn. I have a friend in Australia ... wonder if she hopped with the rest of us?

    Oh, and we saw some great blocks of ice today. Chrissy and Keith, love your idea!

    And Nancy, isn't it amazing that we've managed to make it to adulthood. I just made that word up. I would have said matured, but I'm not sure if we've done that yet!

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