Monday, February 22, 2010

The Calendar

We've had a busy few weeks but things seem to be settling down a bit.

Carnaval was a great deal of fun, and, for us up here on the hill, not nearly as noisy as we had anticipated. We were able to come home after enjoying the festivities on Olas Altas to peace and quiet and a good nights sleep. Friends who live a few blocks off the Malecon had a different experience however, and mentioned that they have had trouble sleeping now that Carnaval is over - they got used to the noise, and now it's just too darned peaceful!

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that we have had something written in for almost every day for weeks now. Sometimes it's just Mike's weekly lunch with the 'guys'. They meet near the Cathedral and then decide where to go, usually to one of the dozens of little restaurants in town, all of them serving a comida corrida (lunch of the day). They are usually delicious and cheap - around $4.00 for lunch and a soda. We meet friends for dinner several times a week, and that gets written down. We even write down my library shifts. Things are often erased. We've had to cancel our 'beach day' several times as we were rained out, but the forecast for the next 2 weeks is sun, sun and sun, so we've written it back in. We toyed with the idea of going to the beach on Sunday to watch the surfers, but changed our minds as we heard that the surfers were just youngsters on boogie boards. Erased. Instead, we planned a dominoes match with friends, but cancelled as our host wasn't feeling well. Out came the eraser again. We've rescheduled for Tuesday.

According to the calendar for today Mike is going for lunch, and a haircut. We're finally going for our massages. (Santa gave us gift certificates for Christmas). I don't have to work at the library as I traded shifts last week, so that's been erased. We've decided to have dinner at home tonight as we've eaten out so much over the past few weeks. I've even written that down. We've written in Open Mic Night at Canucks, but I have a feeling that might be erased.

Good thing we always use a pencil.

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