Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aero Fest 2010

For the third consecutive, Mazatlan was host to Aero Fest 2010, an event we had somehow missed during our previous visits. How could this have happened? Beats me, but this year, we made sure we were on the beach to watch the action.

Aero Fest is a 2 day extravaganza during which what would appear to be perfectly sane, normal men attach themselves to giant motors and gliders and then proceed to fly through the air, swooping like birds and at times buzzing the spectators on the beach.

We missed the previous shows and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this one.

This poor pilot lost a propeller, but luckily was close to the ground and landed safely, if somewhat sloppily, in the water at the edge of the beach. He's smiling, so I'm guessing that whatever broke can be repaired. Or, maybe, he's just happy to be alive!

These atheletes really are 'loco'!!!!

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  1. The aero fest looks fun although somewhat terrifying for those watching below. Reminds me of crazy hangglider people. I agree they are loco but the pictures turned out great.Good work guys.