Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some of the Reasons

There are so many reasons why we decided to move to Mazatlan for the winters, but to be completely, totally honest one of the main ones was this:

Oh yes, this was on the front page of yesterday's paper - the first snow of season. And apparently, there was lots of it!

Now, while this was happening in Winnipeg, Mike and I were sitting at the Puerto Viejo enjoying a marguerita, marvelling over yet another perfect sunset. We don't drink margueritas every day, by the way, but always stop off at the P.V. after I finish my weekly shift at the library. It's tradition! The sunsets are "every day" however, and I never tire of them.

After seeing the paper in the morning, it really did seem like a good day to head to the beach, so off we went to Stone Island. We've been busy since we arrived, and this was our first chance to head over to one of our favourite spots in Mazatlan and it really did seem like the perfect moment.

Was the decision to move to Mazatlan a tough one? No, it was not too hard at all!


  1. Hi Sunset Watchers,
    Wow that was some sunset!Ours are pretty too in St. Thomas but lately the moon here has been really exciting very spooky with these crazy clouds moving over it playing hide and seek. I was blown away with the whole scene while I was waiting for my ride the other morning.How about showing us your maz moon?

  2. It's a deal! I tried to get a few moon shots last year but they were fuzzy, but I'll try again. We had a full moon last week that was lovely. I did buy a little tripod for the camera to use when taking night time pictures - guess I'd better start practicing!!