Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is for Jeff

Abi, our almost 17 year old schnoodle (shnauzer-poodle cross) loves us, but she absolutely adores our 25 year old son, Jeff.

Jeff was in Grade 6 when Abi came to live with us so they have grown up together. Abi was terribly upset when Jeff moved out of the house to live on his own, and just turns somersaults whenever he comes to visit. To be truthful, I suspect that Jeff often comes home to visit with Abi, not with his parents!

So, these are for Jeff.

Abi still loves her pillows

and is endlessly curious about the street scene

She is still the perfect lady waiting for her treats

and still dances

and sings for them!

She does get in the way a bit in the kitchen

but helps tidy up by searching for 'leftovers'. Carrots are the current favourites...

Abi was quite ill this summer and lost a lot of weight. She weighed in at 16 pounds on a 'fat' say so she really didn't have a lot to lose. Abi was only 13 pounds when we arrived in November. It's pretty safe to say that what she lost, she has gained back. Now we just have to keep her out of the kitchen at home!

P.S. Abi would like to have you believe differently, but she really doesn't get to eat people food, except for the odd piece of carrot, or lettuce. She's also rather fond of cauliflower, and likes the crunchy noises she can make when working her way through a tiny piece of celery. However, her meal of the day is her prescription dog food, with a tablespoon of Cesar's (the Mexican version) mixed in for 'flavouring'. Abi loves Cesar, and was somewhat shocked to find out that Cesar, the white west highland terrior on the tin of food, is not really a 'he'. He's a she, and her name is Maggie. Abi is a bit confused but has decided to ignore the gender confusion as she really does like the food!

Guess we should also introduce you to Abi's new friend, Nina, the one year old poodle cross who lives next door.

Abi admires Nina's wardrobe of sweaters and T Shirts, but has made it very clear that in no circumstances will she wear bows in her hair. Or stand for having her toenails painted!

Oh, excuse me, it's nearing 5 o'clock, and apparently it's time for dinner!

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  1. I had a schnoodle many years ago, and as much as I love Widget (our Yorkie) and Lucy (our Schnauzer), Rascal was the best dog I've ever had. Incredibly smart and well-mannered... I can see why you love her!

    We were hoping for some Schnorkies when Lucy came into heat recently, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen.