Friday, April 16, 2010

The Last Day


Well, it's arrived - the last day of our six month stay in Mazatlan, our winter home. I would like to say that we are packed and ready to go, but we're not. We're getting close, but still have a lot to do today, all the usual last minute things that need to be done before leaving our residence of half a year.

I have collected all of the 'treasures' we have acquired since we arrived in November, and have decided which to leave here for our return, and which to bring to Winnipeg with us. The big old star is staying, possibly because it is so large we can barely get it into the trunk of the car! Maybe we'll haul it north next year, but in the meantime it can remain on the terrace in Maz. I'll also leave the sea shells, as a reminder to ourselves that we do not need to collect any more of them!!

We're leaving the Christmas Santas as well. No point in taking them back because we know where we'll be next Christmas!

I found photographs at a craft sale which we hung on the walls of the casita using rolled up pieces of painters masking tape (really classy). We're taking them home; I'll buy matting and frames for them and will bring them back in the fall.

We bought some plants for the terrace when we arrived in November. The large ones we will leave here and they will be watered with those in the Casa downstairs. The smaller ones are being 'fostered' with friends. She has an amazing green thumb (2 of them actually) so I'm hoping that she will have better luck than I did with that darned rosemary plant.

We've managed to eat almost all of the food we have purchased - we've had some interesting meals over the last week or so! Some of the remains will be given to friends and the rest we will leave in the fridge for Anjelica, who comes to clean for us every 2 weeks.

We haven't packed all the clothes yet - and yes, I will be the first to admit it - I brought too many. Or perhaps I just brought the wrong things? Maybe next trip I'll get it right!

We won't talk about the shoes, especially the ones I didn't wear .... or the new ones I bought while I was here ....

We've had smoothies for breakfast(to finish up the last of the bananas), we've bathed the dog, pumped water from the cistern to the tinaca so that we can do a last load of laundry and the car has been washed and vacuumed and been filled with gas.

We're almost done!!

We've made plans to have dinner at the Plazuela Machado with friends this evening, and then it's an early "home and to bed".

Long drive ahead of us - I'll let you know how it went in a week!



I couldn't leave without sharing the amazing frescos painted on the walls of Macaws, a lovely little restaurant in Centro. Macaws opened recently and is located just across the street from the Mazatlan Membership Library. The owners have told us they will be closing over the summer months but they will open again in October, just in time for our return!


  1. Sandie and Mike: Have an uneventful trip home and back in the fall. Its kind of sad that everyone is packing and heading north (again). See you two in November. We'll try to keep in touch by email over the summer.
    Gail (and Dan) Olson

  2. I had hoped to see you tonight, on your last night in town, but we got down to Centro later than we had planned! Have a safe trip home, and we'll keep you posted on our exploits in Mazatlán!

    Viki Wilson

  3. Those murals are marvelous if the food at the restaurant is as delightful as they are it must be a terrific place to dine.Will you guys take us there when we visit you? There I have said it I've got my mind around going to Mexico! You sound very organized and ready for the take off.We are thrilled your returning and so happy you had such a wonderful vacation.

  4. I've been watching your blog to see if you post when you get home...You're gonna let us know, right? Thinking of you on the road. Come back as soon as you can!

    Viki Wilson