Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Walk on the Beach

A few days ago I went for a long beach walk with our friends, Jerry and Diane. We took the bus to Playa Bruja and then strolled along the beach, almost all the way to the Marina. This by the way was nothing for them as they are serious walkers but it was a bit further than I usually go. We walked for about 2 hours and then stopped for lunch and a drink. I know that they could have gone further and I probably could have as well, but we needed to get home to get ready for the wine-tasting party we were attending later in the afternoon so we just hopped on a bus after our break and headed back to Centro.

I am inspired and have decided that I really need to do this more often. The walking I mean, not the eating. There, now I've said it out loud so I can't back out!!

I had the camera with me, but was so busy enjoying myself that I forgot to take any pictures. I did manage a few though - these are some of my favourites.

The flowers weren't actually on the beach but I saw them while we were waiting for the bus home, and they were so pretty I couldn't resist.


  1. Well you should see the winter wonderland in St. Thomas today.All the trees are covered in ice here. It is very pretty but everyone is bitching about scraping their car windows to drive.The roads are slippery although the snowplows and sanders have done an awesome job.I could go on but I don"t want to make you homesick for Canada. It certainly feels more like Christmas now than it did on Dec. 25 as then the grass was green and it was raining outside.So We won"t be doing any walking today.

  2. Sandi, I'm having a lot of fun looking through both your photos and your commentary. Wish I was there to meet you; prehaps next year!!

  3. Back again. If you'd like to check my blog, go to http://visualstpaul.blogspot.com/ but my Mazatlan blog for the last two years when we are there is http://kate-mazatlanmexico.blogspot.com/ My email is on my profile if you'd ever need to use it.

    PS. I used to volunteer at the library, also. Say "hello" to Loretta for me.