Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rainy Day at the Beach

Today in Winnipeg the temperature was -18C with a predicted windchill of approximately -33C. I'll admit that since we arrived in November I've slipped in the odd reference to our wonderful weather - sunshine day after day, gentle breezes off the ocean, lovely cool evenings for sleeping, etc. etc. etc.

Well, just to let everyone know, today was payback time.

We had decided on a beach day this week, on Stone Island, our favourite spot. The weatherman had predicted rain for the morning, but it was lovely when we got up, a bit overcast, but still a perfectly good beach day. So, off we went.

There was one cruise ship in today, you can just see it peeking from behind the freighter. The sun is shining.

After the panga dropped us off, we walked through the village, stopping to admire the flowers

and the rooster. These shots are for Ann, our guest last week. Can you see him???

There he is, with the girls.

We're not sure if Ann loved the rooster who lives in our neighbourhood, or if she wants to serve him for dinner. He's a bit 'time challenged' and announces sun-rise from 2 a.m. on some days, rather loudly and very insistently. I'm still hunting for them.

We usually camp out at Lety's for the day, but the tide was unusually high last night

and Lety's and the neighbours were flooded out.

The sun is shining.

They were busy digging trenches to drain away the water, so we wished them well, left them to it and headed back down the beach to a new spot, Molokay's, to try it out. They made us very welcome, cleaned off the loungers for us, brought us tables for our things and kept everyone supplied with everything we could possibly need.

The sun was still shining ...

We chatted with the vendors; they are wonderful, but how many times can you say "No, gracias" to the same person?! I finally explained to one gentleman that if I bought silver every time we came to the beach, I wouldn't be able to carry it all home, and we'd be so poor we wouldn't be able to pay the rent. Once they realized we live here, they leave us pretty much alone, and focus more on the cruise ship folks.

We admired what might have been shrimp boats. Our server, Delfino, said he thought they were fishing for tuna.

and of course, I found another boat that I liked even better.

We're not sure about the ambulance - could it have something to do with the cruise ships folks?
Or maybe for my darling husband?

It was parked there all afternoon and didn't move, so that would be a good sign!

By the way, the sun was still shining, barely, through the clouds, but it was still there.

Until, that is, we decided to have lunch on the beach.

Which we barely had time to finish, when, what a surprise, it started to rain. It didn't just rain, it poured! We'd been watching the clouds move in for at least an hour, but we're Canadians, we're optimists, the weatherman said it would rain in the morning, it's now about 2 p.m.......

Jerry and Mike figured that since they were already wet ....

Diane and I saved a few (semi) dry things for the trip home, and then joined them.
No pictures of that, the camera was tucked into the back pack, with the books we didn't read, hopefully to stay dry.

It did eventually stop raining, so we got out of the water, dried off and headed home. The people hiding under the palapas at the restaurant think we're crazy, but like I said, we're Canadians, we were already wet, and we had the ocean all to ourselves!

We tidied up as best we could at the restaurant, but did stop to clean our feet further up the beach. And these are for the people who are complaining that I never post a picture of myself!

By the way, my feet were very clean and that sink was really high!!

I just checked the forecast, and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, all day. And yes, I know, it was wet, and we didn't have to shovel it.


  1. Hi Sandie, I've been following your blog for a while and really enjoying your posts. It feels like we're following a similar arc. My husband and I are in Mazatlan for the winter too, living in a house in Sabalo Country with our two border collies. Here's the funny thing: last year when we were here for five weeks we looked for a place to rent and were seriously considering the casita on segundo penuelas, but decided it would be tough with two dogs. Sara had told us about you not being able to make it last year. Now here you are and here we are. Perhaps we should meet?

  2. The rainy pictures are great just shows us that weather in Mexico like Canada these days is very unpredictable.The people here that report the weather say we are suppose to have it mild in Ontario for the rest of the winter. We have had rain too and some snow and this AM some sun for about an hour.What the hell its anybody's guess!
    Good for you Sandie with the feet washing I doubt if I could get my leg up that high you must be in great shape or is it because your tall that you can manage this ? (yes I'm envious again)