Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Visit

It's been awhile, I know, but sometimes time just seems to get away from us. I might also get a bit lazy, but that's another excuse.

We have company right now, a first for us since we've been here, and I think perhaps I'll blame them! It has been a truly wonderful experience seeing Mazatlan, and Mexico, through the eyes of first time visitors. We love this city so much and we're so pleased to be able to share it with friends.

They have been wonderful. We have yet to hear a negative comment and they seem to be loving everything.

We're all a bit exhausted however, as we've tried to squeeze as much as possible into their one week visit. We have walked them through the streets of Centro, during the day and at night.

We've spent several days at one of the hotels on the Golden Zone, doing the beach/pool thing.

This also involved some negotiating with the beach vendors, a banana boat ride and also a parasail ride.

We've taken them to Stone Island for the day and also spent time at Playa Bruja.

The panga ride to Stone Island took us right by the cruise ships in town for the day, a different view than the one from our terrace!

We took the elevator and stairs to the top of the Freeman Hotel to view the sunset and admire the pool. The pool was empty, looks like they're doing some repairs, but the sunset was fabulous!

We've also been to the Shrimp Ladies to purchase shrimp and to Donia's to have them cooked for us. We were serenaded by a Banda Band shortly after we arrived, but we gave them a tip and they left after one set. Wonder if that would work for the bands in the neighbourhood at home?

After eating way way too much, it was decided that we needed another look at a sunset so we all just sort of waddled along to the Puerto Vieja on the Malecon. Slowly.

We also did several runs to the market, one to purchase shrimp to cook Jambalaya at home.

We've also visited several of our favourite restaurants, some of them more than once and have sampled the margueritas at more than one watering hole. We've eaten far too much and will need to do some serious dieting in the next few weeks.

God help us, there are still so many places to go, and things to eat! It's a good thing they're planning on coming back next year.

I just wanted to let you know that we're still alive and kicking. Barely.


  1. I was sure beginning to wonder! Either that or you were really mad at me for something. '-) Fun to have visitors and renew the love affair with|Mazatlan. Hope to see you soon,amigos.

  2. Glad you had fun, but I know what you mean about needing to diet when people leave! Rest up though because Carnaval is coming soon!!!

  3. This is just a test of another way to post comments. Mike

  4. Tell your friends that we are so envious of them. We will visit you one day I hope in Mexico it is only a dream of mine for now but maybe it will come ture in the future. Till then keep the updated on all your adventures coming we really enjoy your blog Sandie and Mike!

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