Thursday, April 7, 2011

Watching the World Go By

Well, it happened again.

We are running out of days, so decided to make the most of a perfect one, and once again headed to Stone Island. It's still chilly at home, and we're trying to soak up some heat and sunshine before we leave. I knew that I recently missed the opportunity to get the 'perfect' panga photo and so I was prepared this time. I remembered the camera, even remembered to charge up the batteries. What I forgot to do was take a panga photo!

Perhaps it was because there were so many other images to capture.

The surf was pounding when we arrived and the tide was higher than we have seen it in months. It did make swimming a bit tricky and the yellow flag was finally raised around the noon hour, but to be honest, the ocean is still chilly and we didn't feel like spending a great amount of time in the water anyway. The waves were awe inspiring and the pounding sound of the surf was soothing background noise all day.

We were not the only ones on the beach lulled by the sound!

The vendors are struggling this year. We have spent so much time at Lety's we are now often recognised and although we are approached on a regular basis, we are never harrased. We usually try to make a point of purchasing something on each visit just to do our bit to 'support the local economy'. I will be honest here, I love beach vendors and left to my own devices would have us in the poor house in no time at all! They are so enterprising and they just have the most interesting merchandise. Of course, as we don't need a lot of 'stuff', we do need to be a bit dicriminating. The funny straw masks just have to stay on the beach, as do the bathing suit wraps. The masks I don't care for, and a woman only needs so many wraps! I try not to look too closely at the black cases, the ones filled with silver!!

We didn't buy anything, but I did have a necklace I purchased several weeks ago 'converted' into a bracelet - he remembered me, remembered the fact that he had altered the necklace to make it a bit shorter when I purchased it originally, and was more than happy to convert it yet again, changing it to a bracelet. I felt a bit guilty about not paying him but he said not to worry, he would use the leftover beads to make earrings and then sell them for more than the necklace cost!

It was a perfect kite flying day and obviously we were not the only ones who noticed, because just as we finishing our lunch, the beach was filled with dozens of school children, all with wonderfully inventive home made (perhaps 'school' made) kites. The sky was filled with kites, and, over the sound of the pounding surf, the air was filled with the sound of children's laughter.

I forgot to take a picture of a panga, but did it matter? Not a darned bit!

What could be better than a day at the beach, watching the world go by. Especially since it is such an interesting world.


  1. I so enjoy reading your blog and looking at your lovely pictures. We hope to make Mexico at least a partial residence one of these days. We visited Maz last year and loved it. We are a few years from retirement but always planning! You ease my mind about the violence we are always hearing about here in the US. Thanks for sharing your life in Mexico!

  2. Love the vendors love the beach it all looks great

    I love the vendors and the beach looks like it was a neat day there by the water.

  3. Nice pictures!

    It is a shame you have to leave... anyways, I was wondering if you know any british expat that could help me with my english. I have an interview on april 27th and I just need someone to practice. I am willing to pay for the services with money, spanish lessons, rides, errands, etc.

    Please If you know someone interested let me know!

    Thank you very much and best regards.

  4. Just finished reading your Mexicoatlast and it is outstanding and the pictures are great. The casita is a wonderful place to live. We were renting it in 2008 when you came by for a look-see for your Fall visit - the one that had to be postponed. So very evident how much you and Mike enjoy the casita and Mazatlan from your blog. Thank you for sharing - now I am wondering why it took me so long to discover and read Mexicoatlast. Have enjoyed it very much. Sandy and Rex

  5. Thank you all for the comments this year - I do ramble on at times and it is so nice to know that there are people listening! Sandy and Rex, it is so nice to hear from you - and thank you once again for letting us view the Casita that day. If you ever decide to return to Maz, please let us know!!

  6. You bet! We have been back twice - in 2009 we were in our pick-up camper spending much time in Teacapan and also Mazatlan and last year for only three weeks early in the season. Alfredo said you and Mike were coming back a few days after we left November 4 - sorry to have missed you as we rented a little apartment right down the street from the casita. SM