Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Faces of Mazatlan

I've had queries from several people, asking why I rarely post pictures showing the faces of friends in Mazatlan.

I think it's sort of a privacy thing. I really don't like to have my picture taken and would find it particularly upsetting if what I perceived was an unflattering shot was posted for all to see! I do have some lovely images, but just don't feel comfortable about showing them.

That is also why I am at times somewhat vague about names.

However, because it was noted, I will share this charming shot, taken at La Rosa de las Barras on our last visit. We visited Gail Blackburn's wonderful beach compound in Barras de Piaxtla with a group of 16 for a 2 night visit shortly before we left Mazatlan but I, foolishly, left my bag, with the camera, on the kitchen table at the Casita. This was definitely not one of my brighter moves!! Everyone was very kind and sent me the pictures they took while we were there, but I've decided to just share one this time.

It was taken after the discussion regarding faces and names as I just couldn't resist.

Oh, and Gail said it perfectly ok if I mentioned her! Next time, I'll take her picture!!

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