Friday, March 18, 2011

Oaxaca Craft Fair

The Oaxaca Craft Fair is in town again, set up in tents in an empty lot along the beach in the Zona Dorada. We've all be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the vendors as their crafts are truly unique and lovely to see.

The young people who work in some of the stalls are very helpful and hugely entertaining!

As well as admiring the amazing embroidered fabrics, the rugs, pottery and profusion of jewellry and shoes, we also did some sampling. Mango Chili ice cream is delicious as are the dozens of different flavours of mole that are available.

I decided not to sample the grasshoppers, but Mike tried them and said they had an 'interesting texture'. I took his word for it!!

The Fair is on for another week and I am planning on returning. I'd like to buy some mole, and possibly sample another flavour of ice cream. I will still pass on the grasshoppers.


  1. Sheesh, I thought my photos were good but yours put mine to shame. Great variety of colors and textures. Love this fair and I need to go and get my mole fix before they leave.

  2. Thanks Zoe! I've been to the fair 3 times now, it is just so much fun to wander the aisles. And yes, to sample the mole!

  3. We kept sailing by the fair on our way to somewhere else-still have the USA type-A tendencies I guess. I surely wish I could have stopped!

  4. The craft fair looks like fun that I would like.Mango chili ice cream I could go for but I think I agree with you Sandie pass on the grasshoppers!