Friday, March 4, 2011

Carnaval has Started

It's that time of year again - the decorations have been hung, the beer stands have been stocked and the bands have tuned their instruments - loudly. As someone said recently, it's time to par-tay!

We met friends for lunch at Edgar's yesterday. They've had their Carnaval decorations up for a few weeks now, so they're all set to go.

After lunch, we decided to stroll over the Plazuela Machado to sit outside in the sun, perhaps have a cerveza, and just watch the world stroll by for an hour or so. However, as often happens in Maz, nothing ever goes as planned and we didn't get home til close to 6pm. The place was just hopping. We had completely forgotten that the Taste of Carnaval was being held later in the afternoon and people were already starting to gather to enjoy the amazing selection of free tapas provided by the many restauranteurs at the Plazuela.

We certainly didn't need any more food as we had just finished lunch but it all looked so good we couldn't resist. (Dinner was a bowl of popcorn, much much later!)

We were also blessed with the presence of Carnaval Royalty - the Queen, the Flower Princess and also the King of Carnaval.

The school children were enchanted,

as was my husband. Can you really blame him - these girls are lovely!

And look at her shoes!!!

A lot of time and effort have been spent on the Plazuela itself this year, and it shows. It was spotless, all the planting beds had been raked, the trees were all trimmed, and the decorations were the best I've seen in several years.

I think this is going to be a great Carnaval this year! More details to follow ....

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  1. Great pictures of this Sandie. Somehow we missed the Taste of Mazatlan. We were there yesterday at 4:30 and there was nothing going on in the machado. Always something fun in the heart of Mazatlan. Viva la Carnaval!