Saturday, March 26, 2011

I finally made it - the end of the walk to the Library

I really did need to pick up speed. Even though we are volunteers, we are expected to show up on time, and I was seriously behind schedule. Still time, however, for a few more quick shots ....

.... especially one of one of the 'car wash guys' next door. I'm a wimp, I can never get the gate lifted on the days I open at the Library, and they always come to my rescue.

I made with just minutes to spare.

To be honest, I don't think we'd ever be 'fired' for being a few minutes late. It's just the principal of the thing - I hate not being on time for anything!

The Library was just the way I left it.

The books were still on the shelves ....

and the members were there waiting to check out their books ....

This, by the way, is Gordon Gilkey, who owns a business in Maz called Gringo Solutions. He does all sorts of renovation/repair work and employs Mexican Nationals to do the work. He is a highly respected business person, because of the quality of his work, and also because he uses skilled Mexican tradespeople who so need the jobs. Gordon is one of my favourite members - any questions why when you see that happy smiling face? He has also recommended several books that I have very much enjoyed!

(Gordon was so willing to pose for me that I told him I'd give him a good plug on mexicoatlast!)

So, this was my trip to the Mazatlan Membership Library, in Historico Centro, Mazatlan.

I have worked at the Library every Monday afternoon since we arrived in November, and this Monday is my last shift. I have also traded shifts, which is why I have bonded with the car wash guys! We are reverting to summer hours on April 1 (10am til 2pm) and so only need one volunteer per day and as we are leaving on April 16th, my time at the Library is over until next November. It's been a great season. I cannot imagine giving up my shift permamently - whatever would I do on Monday afternoon?

Most of the time, I do walk at a quicker pace, but this just seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a truly wonderful walk.

Oh, and on the way home, I couldn't resist taking just a few more pictures.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your walks to the library! After seeing all three of your posts, I truly would like to go and visit Mazatlan.

    I am so jealous that you worked at a charming little library! I absolutely love to read and wish that I could be part of something similar. Hopefully I can get situated somewhere similar near my home town in Nayarit.

    As for Mr. Gilkey, as you say he is a man truly respected for what he offers to so many Mexicans. Cheers to him I say for bringing something so much needed in Maz.

  2. Your images put a lump in my throat! I so want to live there-a week or two here and there is simply not enough. We just got home from Maz about a week ago and I'm ready to go back. This was my son and daughter-in-law's first visit and they fell deeply in love, too.

    Where do you go in the summer?

  3. Sandie you look terrific! The library is very nice no wonder you were so happy working there.I loved all the colours of the buildings on your walk very quaint and very clean streets!