Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't think it matters where you live, after a month or so of living anywhere, it is just natural to fall into a routine. I was looking at the calendar this morning and chuckled to myself when I saw how filled it was, and how different it appears from the calendar during the summer months, when we are at home.

Our time was scheduled very differently while our son, Jeff, was here and also our friends, Ann and Jim. We played tourist and had a truly marvelous time. It is so refreshing to see your home through someone else's eyes and I'm thinking that perhaps it might be time to try it again in Winnipeg.

We are still being awakened, almost every morning, by that darned rooster who has moved in almost next door. He starts early; ignoring him is pointless as he never stops, and even if he did, the cars on the street would have us up by 6:30 am anyway. I am still wondering why we are so lucky to live on a street where every car needs either a new transmission or muffler (or in some cases, both)! However, we are not on a bus route, which is a plus, and we are learning to sometimes ignore the activity outside our front door, and bedroom window, and to roll over in the mornings and catch a few more minutes of sleep time before the day starts.

Abi however, is usually awake by this time, and when Abi decides to get up, we're all up, so the sleep in time is quite short!

She also decides when it is time to go to bed.

Which brings me back to the calendar. Somedays, most days, it's a good thing we do not sleep in. A quick review of the calendar reminds us that we have men's lunch, library, golf, Beans and Beer, girl's day out (to offset Beans and Beer), book club, dominoes ... we each do our own thing, and we write everything down, or else we'll be sure to forget something. Of course, we don't do all these things on one day, but they are repeated throughout the weeks.

Although they are not marked on the calender, every week we do the usual boring domestic things. We do the laundry, visit the market, sometimes every other day, make the run to Sam's and Mega (for the stuff we can't get at the Market - like English Muffins and wine!), and we even clean house. Esther comes every Monday, but Mazatlan is very dusty and we just can't get through the week without pulling out the mop and the dust cloth.

We meet friends for lunch, or dinner, or we make a date and go out on our own. Monday, for example, is almost always a 'dinner night out' - I have 'worked' all afternoon at the Library, after all! I love the Plazuela Machado on Saturday evenings, so we try to make that a firm night out as well. Several times a week, we stay in. We love movie nights, and thanks to our son, Jeff, we have downloaded and watched almost all of the Oscar nominees. He has shared his expertise with several of our friends here, and others are anxiously awaiting his return.

We have started to schedule a beach day, which is almost always a Sunday. Sunday seems like a good day to reflect on life, and how lucky we are, and what better place to do that than Stone Island. We actually write this one on the calendar - because once it's written down, it's a firm date that we try not to break..... Unless it's cold, or cloudy..... Or some silly person organizes a Library Benefit on a Sunday (I might have been one of those people!) But we do try, and most Sundays we make it to the beach.

We were told last trip that we needed to wear a life jacket - not sure why, but rules are rules!

We've talked to friends and it seems like our crowded calendar is the norm.

I now know the real reason why we go home in the summer. Mike says it's because he needs to golf with the boys at Bell Acres. I know the real reason - we need to get some rest!

But always, every day, we stop to admire the view, wherever we are.

Even the fish!!

To offset the fish, there is always the cathedral ..

and other things ...

Carnaval, by the way, starts in two weeks and the city is already winding up. More on that later!


  1. I just yesterday commented to Nancy on her blog that the word "retired" needs to be just that....retired! At least, here in Mazatlan where, as you say, calendars get filled up a month in advance. The only time we retire is when we go to bed at night! Always enjoy your spot on blog.

  2. Just want you to know I think your pics are awesome that old rooster is so funny I can just imagine the air is blue each day when you hear him. We have a radio announcer here on Easy listening 101.3 that enjoys using a friend of that rooster to get us out of the sack and off to work which we still are doing. It's good to know some lucky peeps in Mexico have a choice.