Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bullfight

Years ago, I swore I would never attend a bullfight. I find the whole idea of tormenting an animal until it dies absolutely barbaric and quite disgusting. Hope I have not offended any bullfighting fans out there, that's just the way I feel.

However, when the Midget Bullfighters came to town, we were told that the animals were not harmed in the least and we just couldn't resist. I was still a bit hesitant, not because of the animals, but was a bit worried for the Bullfighters themselves. As the major draw for this event was the fact that the performers were little people, I thought perhaps the whole spectacle would be degrading but we were reassured that this was not the case, so off we went.

And we are so glad we did - it was a highly entertaining afternoon to say the least.

We realized as soon as we arrived at the ring that this was definitely a family affair. A first, there was no acohol served, but there was lots and lots of cotton candy! By the way, this being Mexico, if anyone wanted a beer, all they had to do was go outside, buy one, and bring it back in!

The troupe has travelled together for years and have their routines down pat.

As well as the actual bullfighters, all midgets, there are 4 'full-size' clowns on the team.

And, oh, can these girls dance!

Everyone in the troupe was very funny, and very very talented!

As for the animals - they were priceless. The "bull" was a calf, one of the mangiest I have ever seen, who often had to be chased by the bullfighter as he just wasn't interested in the cape. They did, at one point, bring out one slightly older 'teenage' calf who had started to sprout horns, but he was no more intimidating than his predecessor, and was equally less involved in the proceedings! The horses were adorable, a herd of Shetland ponies who raced around and around the track and then knew exactly which exit to take to head back to the stables.

It has been a long time since we have laughed that much, and I will definitely go back the next time the itty-bitty bullfighters are in town.


  1. I agree about the "real" bullfighting. The first time we saw it, because you can't televise it in the US, was on a TV in a restaurant in Mazatlan. My Redneck/hunter/fisherman husband was heartbroken about the treatment of the bull. No thanks, but the event you went to looks like fun!

  2. I liked your blog on the little people bullfighting event it did look very entertaining! I agree with you on the other type of bullfighting I would never go to that I think it would make me cry.
    The other day Oprah had a show on the beef industry with a trip to the factory where the live cows are taken to be slaughtered then the meat processed. It was really informative and honestly I couldn't eat beef for a while without remembering those cows.I think I eat more fish and chicken now as a result.