Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coup d'etat

Yes there has been a temporary coup on this blog. For one week anyway.
Mike and Sandie have generously allowed us to come down from the land of ice and snow to stay with them for a week.

We started off the week with a lovely breakfast at Macaws. Then later that evening we attended a small "Wine tasting of Mazatlan" event here in the Centro.
Monday we had beautiful weather for a day trip out to Stone Island. Which turned out to be the best day of the week for the beach. The sun was warm, the ocean was cool, but it was still alot better then anything in Winnipeg.

Tuesday was an easy day with a trip into the Gold Zone for a little shopping and drinks.

Wednesday the boys went to "Beans and Bear", that 50+ year tradition for ex patroits here in Maz. The girls were off to more shopping, and some sun by the pool in Villa Marina.
Thursday we loaded up the car and went for an overnight trip to Barras de Piaxtla. We stayed in a wonderful beach house right on the ocean.

Friday we returned to Maz in time to hit the Mardi Gras party. The band was amazing and the food was excellent for such a large crowd.
Sadly we have to spend Saturday preparing to head home, but we can at least take the comfort that we know that we'll be back.
Thank-you Mike & Sandie.


  1. First my son steals my camera for a week and now my friends have taken over my blog!

    We have had a wonderful week and I hate the thought that they are leaving tonight. It's their last day and Ann has requested a visit to Edgar's for lunch and we need to do a quick shopping run to pick up a few more trinkets to fill up any empty spaces in their suitcases.

    Thanks for coming, we loved having you, and we're already looking forward to the visit next year!

  2. It is always a treat to have company here and renew one's own fascination with this hospitable city and its people. I'm sure they didn't miss a thing with you two to squire them around.

  3. Jim was so concerned that no one would comment on his post - I knew I could count on you! It is a delight to have company, especially those who love the city as much as we do. I'm just curious though - are they as tired as we are!!