Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tell us it's not OVER????

It seemed like we waited for the longest time for summer to arrive.

In retrospect, it probably wasn't all that long, but we had just arrived back from our winter home in Mazatlan and we were ready, in summer mode, shorts, T's and flip flops ready to go, and it seemed like forever. Horror stories of the wait for summer exagerate with each telling - it was cold, it rained for endless days, the rivers flooded, it was the worst spring on record, etc. etc. Actually, it was, now that I think about it!

However, as happens every summer, finally the sun broke through the clouds, the temperature rose, the flowers bloomed and the mosquitoes arrived. Hey, we live in Manitoba, we're tough, we can deal with the odd mosquito! We were all just so darned happy that it was summer!!!!! Mike set out to the golf course every day(where he has had a few rather itchy run-ins with the poison ivy patches and of course, the infamous, mosquitos). I opened every window in the house and amazed the neighbours with our resistance to air conditioning.

The last few weeks have been tough, air conditioning wise. It has been hot hot hot and even more humid humid humid. We keep track and we have had days here in Winnipeg that have been far hotter and more humid than those in Maz. (That means "Winterpeg' comments are absolutely no longer accepted).

However, all good things must apparently come to an end. Mike's club held their annual Men's Club Championship this past weekend and two sets of friends headed out to the "lake". I lhad unch with my son on Saturday and planned to explore Osborne Village (his part of town and well worth a wander) and then thought perhaps I would just take my book and spend the rest of the weekend at the pool.

Silly me. Silly us.

It was absolutely dreadful all weekend. Saturday was not too bad, Mike and the 'boys' managed to get in the day's round of golf and Jeff and I dodged the raindrops to visit his local Mexican restuarant for a delicious lunch. It was starting to seriously rain by the time we were finished our meal, so we gave up, I rescheduled my camera trip through the Village, and we just walked, rather quickly, back to his apartment. Much like Mike walked the course, very quickly, dodging yet more rain drops.

Sunday was truly a classic. It rained, off and on, all day. There was no sun. It was darned chilly. Mike bundled up in the early morning hours and headed to the course but they finally gave up and postponed the last day of tournament, it was just too wet. One set of friends arrived home from their visit to the family cottage, looking rather damp and wilted. The others are away for a full week and we haven't seen them. I hope they brought lots of books with them, and sweaters.

It is now Tuesday, August 17th. It is still cold, grey and wet. I wore a jacket this afternoon when I took Abi for her stroll around the neighbourhood; if it gets much chillier we're going to have to dig out her sweater. Did I mention the high today is somewhere around 15 or 16?

I know it`s rainy in Maz right now, but at least it`s warm!

How many days do we have til we leave to head back?? Right now, too many!!!!!!!!!


  1. I feel for you guys, that's not the way summer is supposed to be!

    It is warm in Maz but as long as you're near a fan, you're fine. Well, except at night, where the ac really helps. September is when the heat really comes on.

    We miss you, come back soon!

  2. Sandie - I really love reading your blog. You definitely have a knack for describing your daily and special activities and events. Our summer weather in the Pacific NW has also been terrible just finally warming up and drying out a little. See you in November in Mazatlan.
    Gail Olson

  3. Nancy and Gail

    I really have to stop whining about the weather - maybe!!!! It has just been a strange summer everywhere this year.

    Can't wait to get back to Maz in November, really looking to seeing both of you again! Soon - less than 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!