Monday, August 30, 2010


It looks like the weatherman, or someone in power anyway, read my last post and took pity on us. We have actually had lovely weather, most of the time, for the last week or so. This is late August, however, and there is a hint of something in the air. The mornings are cooler now and even though it can still be steamy during the day the heat is usually gone by bedtime and we can sleep with the windows wide open. Actually, most of our neighbours think we're crazy as we rarely turn the air on anyway!

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year and as soon as I sense the crispness in the air something lures me into the kitchen. I don't understand it, but it seems like I have this overpowering mother-earth urge to cook for the whole month of September and this year I've made a head start.

While taking Abi out for her daily stroll last week I noticed that the apple trees on our property have had a bumper crop this year. I have to confess, we've lived in the development for 3 years and this first time I've really noticed the trees. Guess we're called Apple Lane for a reason!

All those lovely apples, just waiting to be picked - I couldn't resist and headed back with a basket to carry my haul home. I was so excited; I was going to make apple jelly! The fact that I haven't made apple jelly in over 20 years was not going to deter me. After all, you can learn how to do anything on the Net.

It was an adventure and my first batch might have been more of a success if I had followed the instructions a bit more closely. After a day of simmering, straining and boiling, I ended up with 3 lovely, albiet tiny, jars of Apple Jam. Not Jelly. No way was this Jelly. It is definitely very dark, very rich, Apple Jam.

So, off to the tree I went again and then back into the kitchen for more of the same - simmer, strain, boil.

And voila, it worked. I made Jelly!!!

I was tempted to make one final batch, but realized I've used up all the empty jars in the cupboard. Plus, I have no idea what to do with all this jelly now that I've made it. Guess I'll just keep giving it away!

By the way, the kitchen was a bit sticky by the time I was finished with this little project, but the house did have the most amazing aroma for days after!!!


  1. Your property looks amazing!! All those trees and lovely apples. I can almost smell and taste that jam. Another thing that is fun to make is spiced apples..they make a nice side to chicken and pork dishes. See you soon.

  2. Zoe, you'll have to give me your recipe for the spiced apples. I actually had a few apples left over and made apple sauce to serve with the potato zuchini latkes we had as a side for dinner a few nights ago. I'd never made them before and they were a bit picky, but worth the effort. I really have got to stay out of the kitchen for a few days!!