Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is the pile getting bigger?

Two weeks today and we'll be on the road. We've dreamed about this for so long, seems hard to believe that soon the number of days before we leave will be single digits. We're having the coldest day so far in February, so really looking forward to the little numbers!

We went grocery shopping yesterday and realized that we now are planning almost every meal, right down the side dishes, as we can't be left with a fridge full of food on the day we leave. Soon it will almost be like living in Mexico, buying our meat and vegetables one day at a time. Eventually we'll have to pack up the knives, cutting boards and any other kitchen gadgets we just can't live without but will try to leave that to the last few days and then I guess we'll just have to depend on friends and family to feed us until we leave. (Thanks to Elaine and Jim - who have invited us to their house on the Monday before we leave. Just slipped that in for those of you who are anxious to wine and dine us and are wondering about our schedule).

We've sent an email to Gini, our landlady in the States, just to confirm what she has in the house and what we'll need to bring. I'm sure she provides things like an iron, a kettle, a toaster, but what about measuring cups, and spoons? I can see why people find it convenient to stay in the same place every year. Not as many surprises that way.

The pile in the basement seems to be spreading a bit, but so far, we think we can fit everything in the car. Except maybe the portable chairs. And the plastic wine glasses. The pile of books definitely has to be reduced (good thing for the local English speaking library - we'll be there a lot). I also heard a fair amount of rumbling concerning those darn shoes again. Perhaps Mike just didn't realize that I took two pairs out this morning. OK, so I replaced them with 2 different pairs, but they were smaller. Seriously, think I need to assess the shoe situation. After we pack the car and find out there's no more room.

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