Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14th (Happy Valentine's Day!)

Mike and I sort of celebrated Valentines Day yesterday. It was my last day of treatment for Breast Cancer and we've joked for ages that we would treat ourselves to a steak dinner when it was all over. Neither of us are huge beef eaters and we've never really mastered the art of barbequeing a steak at home, so that might have explained the craving. So, after my treatment we stopped off quickly at home to drop off Abi, did a quick spruce up and off we went to the Keg, at lunch time, for our treat. Since I tend to fall asleep fairly early in the evenings, we chose to have a lunch out instead of dinner. Good plan, because I was in bed last night by 8:00pm. The steak, by the way, was delicious.

Today Mike is busy ironing the clothes he is taking. This is making me fret a bit, as all I did was fold mine semi-neatly and stuff them into the plastic tupperware bin we are using to transport them. Oh well, I think I'd rather iron mine outside in the sunshine and his are going to get wrinkled anyway on the drive down. More on the state of our clothes later! Mike has just reminded me that he's only taking a quarter the clothes I am taking, so the ironing is easy.

In between ironing his few shirts Mike has been studying the CAA Trip Tiks we picked up on Friday on the way home from the hospital. He says he now has our route completely memorized, including all construction zones, speed bumps and stop lights. Just hope he remembered to factor in 'breaks' for Abi and I! He's a bit concerned about the apparent lack of Tim Horton's on the drive down.

I decided to bake brownies today, in honour of Valentine's Day (chocolate you know) and also because in 17 more sleeps we won't have an oven to bake in. Notice how I managed to slip that in?

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  1. Your valentine lunch sounded yummy I love the Keg.Gary and I went to Archies and had haliut and chips it was soooo good.We went on Sunday cuz Gary had to work Saturday but He arrived home with flowers and tickets to Dianna Krall for April. It will be so exciting.
    Sounds like you have all in order for the trip. I love your vacation place it is so bright and fun! Imagine doing your laundry outside while drinking margaritas that's the way to do housework. Love ya from P&G