Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Ready

Today is a landmark day - only 21 more sleeps to go until we leave on our epic adventure. I think we're quite organized so the last minute details should go fairly smoothly. Well, to be honest, Mike is the one who has done all the organizing. He's been busy for weeks making lists, and checking them twice. He's made numerous phone calls, doing things like putting a stop on the paper and magazine subscriptions, arranging insurance (both car and health) and most importantly making our hotel reservations for the drive south - puppy friendly hotels all the way. Every time I go to the basement I see something else added to the 'take with us' pile - think he's piling everything in one place to get an idea if it's all going to fit into the car.

Mentioning car, we realized that the only time Abi ever sees it is for trips to the vet or groomer, so we're attempting soften her up, and she now travels back and forth with us to the hospital every day for my radiation treatments. She seems to be settling down a bit more every day. The earthquake type vibrations now stop after 3 or 4 minutes and she simmers down to a gentle quiver for the rest of the way. Today she did really well, and only seems to get a bit upset when we have to stop for a light, or turn the corner. She'll be just fine - we just have to find a highway and drive straight - all the way to Mazatlan.

My radiation treatments are finished on Friday (the 13th!), which will be a cause for great celebration, partly because this means that my cancer treatments are finally over, but more importantly because I can finally start to focus and do my bit to get ready. This has been a long hard year for both of us, and radiation has been much more difficult than I had anticipated, so our 3 month escape to Mazatlan is going be a very special, and much deserved treat. Now all I have to do is start working on my packing lists (sunblock, sunblock and more sunblock). I did pack my clothes last week. Funny, I seem to have 3 times as much stuff as Mike does. Wait until he sees the shoe box.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your radiation it is wonderful and cause for celebration. I will open a bottle of wine and toast your success!!!! Love you from P&G