Friday, September 3, 2010


Winnipeg gets it's fair share of bad press and we over the years we have learned to develop a sense of humour. To be honest, the jokes about the wind, the nasty cold snowy winters, and, of course, the mosquitos are actually based on true facts, and some of of the jokes really are funny. However, if you don't live in Winnipeg, you are not allowed to laugh! Ever!!

We have also learned to deal with the comments about the fact that we spray regularly to keep those pesky "m-critters' under control. I'm as conscious as anyone about pesticides etc. but to be honest, I dare anyone to survive a summer evening in the 'Peg without the regular visits from the midnight 'spraying troups'. (I have a few friends who would disagree, but I don't think they like to sit outside as much as we do. I also hope they don't don't read this part of the post!!). Right now, to be honest, we are more concerned about the wasps. They are everywhere and they are mean and nasty.

Although Winnipeg is not my 'home town' I have lived here for many years and this summer I am finally discovering some new things about my adopted home. I think perhaps my eyes have been opened after the months spent in Mexico (and maybe perhaps by my on-going quest to find things to do that are 'free'!!)

I have come realize that every city has it's art and the walls of Winnipeg are overflowing with an endless amount of Canadian talent. I would like to say that I managed to capture all of these images myself, but that would just not be true. Winnipeg is a large city and filling the gas tank on the car would have truly messed up the quest to find interesting things, without spending money.

These are just a few samples of what is happening on the 'Walls of Winnipeg". Some are mine, and some I 'borrowed' from a wonderful site

Please, feel free to browse.

Of course, I will put gas in the car tomorrow. We need groceries and that is a totally different issue!


  1. I had no idea that Winnipeg had such art. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sandie - Thanks for the stroll throuh Winnipeg. The murals are beautiful and would be fun to see in person some time. We just got back from a visit to Sharon and Marvin Holmes in Saskatoon where - yes, it rained! Its raining every day here in Washington state which makes me think summer (short as it was) has come to an end.