Sunday, July 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

This was the first year we were able to have Christmas in our new house.

Sandie brought down a number of decorations to spiff up the house. We needed a wreath so Sandie wandered off to the local fabric store and bought the wreath, some material, some ribbon and assorted decorations. An hour later ... voila, it's Christmas at 71 Venus.

Because we don't have a lot of space anymore Sandie also takes a few of our favourite decorations and just puts them in an old Mexican bowl we had found in a small used furniture shop.

She also has a number of homemade decorations from a time when she had her own buisness with a friend in Edmonton. They did home parties and sold their homemade decorations to groups of ladies.

We also had our own Xmas tree. Although they do sell real trees here in Mazatlan they tend to be a little pricey and we don't really have any room for one in our small home. So a friend brought us a fake tree in New York a few years ago and that is what we continue to use.

One tradition we have started is to invite many of our Canadian friends over to Stone Island on Boxing Day for shrimp, beer and a killer game of men vs. women Trivial Pursuit. Lots of laughs and some down time after a very hectic Xmas in Mazatlan.

Many people enjoy the beach the day after Xmas. It was quite funny to see this group playing beach volleyball. Not wearing the regular bathing suit you would expect to see on the beach.

And if you don't want the traditional Xmas leftovers you can always stop the tamale cart and order a homemade tamale from him. It is always interesting in Mazatlan.

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