Friday, April 18, 2014

A mural of Mazatlan

Since we are always thinking about ways to put more of Mexico in our Casita here in Mazatlan we thought (after indulging in a couple of refreshment) why not have a large painted mural done on one of our outside walls????? A few months ago I had found a small picture online of an artists version of Old Mazatlan. The picture is probably a painting depicting the era around the early 1800's So we contacted a local muralist who has a great reputation here in Mazatlan. He has done a mural at our local watering hole, Macaws and knew he would a great job. The wall is about 2.5M high and about 10M long, a great canvas. So we met with him, showed him the wall and picture and negotiated a deal which we were very happy about. Our artists name is Tikio, a real gentleman and a great craftsman / artist. We are absolutly thrilled with it. And we can now say we have a water view from our deck.


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    1. Thanks Sandy, we are very happy with the results and gives us something very unique. Mike and Sandie