Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Little Bit of History

Our new home is located on one of the older streets in Historico Centro and it is estimated that it was built approximately 125 to 150 years ago. Our street, Calle Venus, is especially narrow in front of the house and was, in effect, simply a carriage lane, As the houses are built right to the edge of the sidewalks, there is no room to widen it, ever. Works for us, keeps the traffic down to a minimum!
The homes in this area were huge, and our new casa was once part of one large hacienda, which has been in the same family for generations. As has happened to many of the older homes, many years ago the hacienda was split into 3 separate dwellings and given to the daughters of the family. Alterations were done to interior of the homes at that time. In the case of ours, from what we can figure out, the terrace at the rear was enclosed and the space was turned into a bedroom and bathroom. At some point a second story, not visible from the street, was added and the original peaked roof was leveled, which allows us to have a roof top terrace. Our casa is the middle house and two of sisters are our neighbours on either side. They were very patient with us through the renovation progress, which can be very loud and messy at times, and have told us that the finished product is 'gue bonito'. We really do feel lucky. As well as finding a house in Historico Centro, on flat land, on our favourite street, in our favourite neighbourhood, we also have been blessed with good neighbours! We have wandered around with the camera, just capturing a few images of our new 'hood. There is a real mixture of very very old, beautifully maintained, and also ultra modern. We have a huge ruin directly across the street from the house, and it fascinates me. The very old I love, the ultra modern, not so much. Guess it's all a matter of taste.
Where are we on the street? We are No. 71, and this is the 'Before' ...
and the "After'? We are moved in, and the house is done. I have just decided that you will have to wait to see the finished product, just like we did! Soon though, very soon ....

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