Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flowers of Mexico

So we're back ... After a very long delay in posting we have decided to start sharing the responsibility between Sandie and I for keeping this blog up to date. Things happen, people get busy and some important things get dropped but we wanted to make sure that sharing our experiences here in Mazatlan continue; especially for the folks that faithfully have read Sandie in the past.

So this will be my first post which we will make sure we update regularly from now on.

We recently were invited to some friends house to have a look at an amazing cascade of bright orange flowers which covered much of their courtyard. From what I have been able to figure out they are called either an Orange Flame vine, or a Dunny vine, or a Golden Shower vine or an Orange Trumpet Creeper.

We see these flowers around Mazatlan quite often and never really thought much about them but the display we saw this evening was spectacular. They don't last very long on the vine and as our friend said; "They sure look nice but it sure is a pain sweeping them up all the time". We are trying out some new settings on our camera so some of these pics may look a little different then normal.

It was a great evening; good friends, a beautiful home, unique flowers and some very tasty martini's. It doesn't get much better than that and why we love this city.

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  1. Hi you two! Just read your blog and saw the pictures - so beautiful! I just love our courtyard and the memories of that evening. The flowers are back but not in the abundance of the last time. See you later today!