Sunday, December 18, 2011


The Museo Pérez Meza is a close walk from the Casita and consists of a Heritage Museum with tables available for coffee and a sweet treat, with spaces for children's activities and conferences. There is also a music forum, the garden of the Trova. The aim of the Museo is to investigate and preserve the history of the Pérez family, whose musical legacy has been shared by several generations.

We are not fans of Banda music, but it is wildly popular in the State of Sinaloa. Luis Pérez Meza, who is referred to as El Trovador del Campo, was a composer, a singer and a pioneer in the recording of Banda. Other family members have continued the tradition and the Museo has been established to collect anecdotes and material pertaining to these Sinaolese troubadors.

Last night we attended a Flamenco performance at the Museo Perez Meza, featuring Citlali Iglesias, a teacher at the Mazatlan de la Compania de danza Mirabras Flamenco, and several of her students.

It was a marvelous evening and the dancers and music were amazing. The pictures really don't do them justice, you really do need to be there to hear the music, the clapping hands, and the pounding feet!

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