Monday, October 4, 2010

The Countdown

So, the question is, am I excited, or filled with panic? We have 23 sleeps til we leave for Mazatlan. Today is almost over, so we won't count that. That means we have 22 days left. Twenty-two days is one day short of three weeks, which I think means I could be in panic mode!

It's funny, this is the third time we've done this, you'd think it would be easy by now, especially since I leave all the hard stuff, like insurance and hotel reservations to Mike. He contacts the health care providers, makes the arrangments for the cars, contacts the phone company, etc etc etc.

Really, all I have to do is pack the clothes and empty out the fridge. Which reminds me, I really must decide which recipes to bring with me (and to gather up the appropriate herbs and seasonings that we might not be able find in Maz). Oops, the list is getting longer as I think of all the other things we plan to bring along - like the cushions for the loungers which have been hiding under the bed all summer and the box of candles to use on the terrace in the evenings.

Abi needs to go to the vet for her 'Good Health Certificate', the Christmas shopping has to be finished and mailed before we leave and I need to get my hair cut ... I haven't even made a firm decision on the shoes yet!!!!

So, time to get organized and focused, sitting here listening to music (new CD - Vagabond by Spencer Day) and fretting isn't getting anything done. Off I go to read recipes (and decide what we're having for dinner while I'm at it!) On the way downstairs I think I'll stop and delete at least one pair of shoes from the 'take with me' pile.

It will all get done, we'll be in Maz on Nov. 1 and we can't wait!!!!!


  1. A few have already made it back and you are just around the corner. Hadn't checked in on your blog for a while and those photos are stunning. Winnepeg looks like a pretty amazing city, as well as the surrounding environs. Heading out for a sail this morning on the Patricia Belle Schooner; a perfect day for it according to YESTERDAY's weather. A bit overcast at the moment. 6:56 a.m. See ya soon.

  2. It was nice to meet up with you and Mike at The Forks this past summer and talk about your life in Mexico. We look forward to the day, soon, when we can also enjoy time away from winter to enjoy Mexico. We appreciated all your insight this summer and look forward to following your blog as winter progresses. Miles and Deb