Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Waiting

We've always told people who complain about the weather in Manitoba that if you live here for any length of time you learn very quickly to just wait for a few hours as it will change. We have lived through many summer days that started off dismally and ended with lovely evenings spent on the deck enjoying the sunny sky and lovely sunset.

However, this year has been a little different. Or perhaps we have just been spoiled by the months spent in Mazatlan! Friends have told us that we are spoiled and to get a grip, after all, it is just June. We're not listening.

From what we have been told, April was lovely here. We were very optimistic when we arrived home on the 23rd to a perfect early summer day; unfortunately the early signs of spring and summer were just a teaser. Quite frankly, the weather has been dreadful since then. May was a complete wash out, almost literally, as we had about twice as much rain as usual and had a downpour in one weekend of 77mm which on it's own surpassed the average of 53mm for the month. We have even seen a funnel cloud, something which rarely happens in Winnipeg. There was no damage as it didn't touch ground, but it was interesting nonetheless.

The sun did shine in May, but not nearly often enough and we did make it through the month with a dry basement, more than can be said for many residents of the City.

June was coming however and we were still optimistic.

What a surprise - it's June and it's still raining. Not every day, but it just won't stop. We were quite excited this week as we had 3 days in a row when the sun shone and it was hot enough to think about perhaps someday in the future actually turning on the air conditioning. This was more like it - summer had arrived! It was time to break out the sun block and the bathing suits....until we woke up this morning - to more rain. I am now listening to thunder and looking at the every darkening skies. Wait a minute - is that a ray of sunshine??? Nope, just a lighter shade of grey. Sigh.

The herbs are thriving

and our neighbour Tyler is loving his soccer games (when the rain stops long enough to play)

Mike is not happy - this is seriously interfering with his goal of playing 100 games this season. He's pretty much accepted the fact that the 100 game goal is not happening this year, but he would very much like the chance to break in his new Ping Irons and Driver.

Abi is freezing. I took her to the groomer for what I hoped would be her usual very cute 'perky' cut and they gave a Mexican Shave!!!! I am not happy, Abi is miserable. So, what could we do, we were forced to send Mike out shopping to buy her clothing. Abi was hoping for a nice little sweater, or maybe a little tartan jacket, but apparently it's summer here (haa haa haa) and all they had was T-shirts. So, he did the best he could and we laughed ourselves silly after we got her all gussied up.

Abi, by the way, loves her new shirt (just like the ones her Mexican friends wear)and yes, she is "Bad to the Bone"!!!!!

I have to confess, if it is going to be horrid, there is nothing like a good storm, within reason. I will quite happily pass on hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis. However, I do love blizzards, if I can stay inside til the snow melts, and a good thunder and lightening storms is as good as fireworks as long as I haven't planned on an outside meal. Which I did today.

It is not the end of the world - the chicken can be cooked in the oven and I'll just set the table in the dining room - I just wish it would STOP RAINING!!!!!!!!

But before I do anything, right now I have to go shut all the windows because it's pouring and the floors are getting wet.

My mood, by the way? Best not to ask. Suffice it to say, this has not been a good hair day.


  1. Now that the heat dropped down on us almost overnight, you can be happy to have a bit of coolness up there. At least this year, it will be 1.5 months shorter as May and part of June were stellar. So far, our house on the hill is doing well with brisk ocean breezes but thank goodness for AC in the bedroom at night!

  2. I hope, now that we're into July, that it has finally warmed up for you! As Zoe mentioned, we had a heat wave going, but Thursday night it rained and the weather here has been blissfully comfortable the past 4 days, although overcast.

    We miss you!
    Viki Wilson

  3. Sandie: It has been a very cold, gray and wet spring in the Pacific NW too. Just finally warmed up and we've had blue skies the last few days. Dan finally stopped complaining about me DRAGGING him home from Mazatlan in April. Next year he vows to stay in MX until June. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you in November.